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"Laughter is a powerful way to tap positive emotions"

October- Workplace Health and Wellne

We spend most of our waking weekday hours at work. We can spend more time with our workmates and clients than we do with our own families and friends. It's important that we feel mentally healthy, safe and valued at work, so we can perform at our best and flourish in other aspects of life.

Mental illness is now the leading cause of sickness absence and long-term work incapacity in Australia.

In mentally healthy workplaces:

  • People watch out for each other and can ask someone if they are Ok!
  • Managers and teams understand Mental Health and openly talk about it
  • People know about things they can do to build resilience for challenging times at work and at home
  • Staff with mental health concerns seek help early
  • Staff with mental health issues are supported in recovery

Mentally healthy workplaces are good for people and businesses

When our workplaces are mentally healthy, we see enormous benefits to individual employees and to the business itself, such as:

  • Enhanced work performance and productivity. We perform best when we have high levels of psychological well being and job satisfaction.
  • Improvements for your company's bottom line. Reduce staff turnover, recruitment and training costs:fewer sick days and presenteeism (being at workout not able to work at capacity);greater productivity and creativity, are all good for business, increased revenue and decreasing costs.
  • Improvement to your wellbeing.Work instills us with a sense of purpose, provides social networks and supports, gives opportunities to grow and develop helping us to achieve in areas of strength-all important contributing factors to wellbeing.
  • Helping Recovery.For those of us living with mental illness, work can play an important role in helping us recover. Many mental illnesses we see in workplaces are treatable and in some cases preventable.
  • Attracting( and Keeping) great talent. Businesses that invest in mental health are more likely to attract and retain the 'best and brightest'. The culture of a workplace wellbeing has many flow-on effects to individuals, business and the wider community.

It’s in everyone’s interest for the workplace to be as mentally healthy as possible.

see Downloadable fact sheet: "Discover the top 10 factors contributing to a mentally healthy workplace."

"Live with a positive attitude, practice wellness, never regret failure, continue to learn, work with passion, care for others without expectation."

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