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Employment Tips:

Recruiting- No 1

  • Invest time in developing relationships with university placement offices, recruiters and executive search firms.
  • Accept students on practicums and observe or have them observed as Potential employees.
  • Enable current staff members to actively participate in industry professional associations and conferences where they are likely to meet candidates you may successfully encourage to apply.
  • Watch the online job boards for potential candidates who may have resumes online even if they're not currently looking.
  • Use professional association Web sites and magazines to advertise for professional staff.
  • Always show interest in enquiries for future positions.
  • Be Known as a Great Employer- Fair but Firm!
  • Involve Your Employees in the Hiring Process

You have three opportunities to involve your employees in the hiring process.

  • Your employees can recommend excellent candidates to your organisation.
  • They can assist you to review resumes and qualifications of potential candidates
  • They can help you interview people to assess their potential "fit" within your community or business.

Try these they work! or talk to us about more ideas.......

"If it doesn't Challenge you ,

it won't Change you!"

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